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About RFN and its DJs:

RFN is a music service for the members of the Raven Mythic gaming community.

We have a rotation of DJ's with styles ranging from Celtitc, Goth, Metal, Techno, Rock, Punk, and more. Shows run almost every night during US prime time, and well into the early mornings. When no DJ is on duty, an automated stream will run. You can also get to know our DJ's:

Community Chat:

There's a number of ways you can join in on the chat with RFN listeners and members of the Raven's gaming commuinty! You can go diretly into our web-based ShoutBox, which features a minimal music player. If you have your own IRC client (such as Pidgin or MIRC), you can also use that to join us on the DarkMyst IRC network, just click on the link for instructions.

Users Chatting:

ChanServ, Ijaka, Lyah, Morenin, Pella, Rakkoth, Shizouka, Shizouka-laptop, TARS

Trantz inherited the station from Diera when technical issues necessitated a change of ownership. Trantz's shows tend to be heavy on the European metal scene, goth, classic rock, blues, alternative, mash-ups, and oddities. One of Trantz's hallmarks is finding music to fit someone's character - give him some details about your character, or even your favorite shipping of cannon characters, and he'll hunt down a song to match. He's also a host of RMTV.

Trantz can be found in EverQuest 2 under the names Lyah, and Duvessa, in Thelus he goes by the names of Lyah, Trantz, Nixie, and Livia. In the Brony fandom his OC is Shank. Currently he's looking forward to the release of Wildstar as his next MMORPG of choice.
The Time Lady of RFN, Diera's specialty is her weekly "Storytime" events. Her signature series are the Big Finish audio productions of new Doctor Who adventures, though she's been known to play other series as well. Diera is the original owner and founder of RFN, and has been part of the team since we started back in the days of EverQuest 1. You won't catch her DJing music as much as she used to, though she'll occasionally hit the airwaves for a set or two!

Diera can be found in EverQuest 2 under the names Diera, and Cheyla. Not all the active in the MMORPG world anymore, Diera's taking up her time with a number of multi-fandom RP sites. Diera also regularly hosts shows on RMTV, often playing out whole series runs over an extended schedule.

Our afternoon DJ Kiarryn is being prepped to take responsibility for RFN's auto-DJ stream, which runs when no DJ is active online. Her job will be to keep the 24x7 rotating playist fresh and updated so that people who listen when no DJ is online still get some variety in their music stream.

Kiarryn can be found in EverQuest 2 under the name Kiarryn, and in Thelus she goes by the name of Jhaelis. Kiarryn's also an avaid Larper, and her gallery on the Raven Mythic contains many examples of her impressive crafting skills.
Our resident expert on J-pop, Brighthawk can be counted on to do the odd show here and there, often filling in when another DJ is unavailable. A longtime member of the RFN staff, and fan of instrumentals, dubstep, and soundtrack music, you can always count on Brighthawk for a good show.

Brighthawk can be found in EverQuest 2 under the name Peralin, and in Thelus he goes by the name of Ruby. Brighthawk is also a regular on RMTV with his Tuesday gaming show, Brighthawk Live.

The Raven Mythic is a community of storytellers, gamers, raiders, artists, gamers, programmers, and fantasy genre fans all united in our love of roleplaying. Here you'll find a strange alliance that has been evolving for more than a decade.

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Thelus is our home-brew RPG world. Join us for some chat-based fantasy roleplaying. Participate in an evolving world where your plots and actions have lasting consequences!

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We have an extensive community in the EQ2 MMORPG! To get started quickly, join channel "RM" on the Antonia Bayle server of EQ2, and read over the FAQ to get familiar with the environment.

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The Raven has its own Minecraft server, Fort Huggable. Join up with over friends from the Raven and claim a chunk of the Minecraft universe for yourself.

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Join us in the Multiverse forum, many of our players can help you find just the right roleplaying game for you!

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RMTV is a system where we can all watch a video together. Using the ShoutBox feature, we all get together and watch and comment on movies, TV series, and short films.

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